This is my answer to a dear students who called in the evening sharing her present condition and looking for a solution. I am writing my answer here coz a lot of people out there are going through the same....
One of the reasons people like falling in love - or meeting and making new friends - is that these relationships come with little to no baggage. But while these new relationships come with no troublesome backstory...it isn't too long before they start to look - and feel - very similar to all of your other relationships.You start seeing your "old story" sweep in and start to overwrite what u hoped would be a new narrative. Before too long, faultfinding becomes easier than forgiving them. The same old blame-game begins, and what was new slowly takes on the appearance of what has always been.
For instance, maybe your heart got crushed ; perhaps a loved one betrayed u in a most cruel way, so that now the thoughts u carry with u into each new relationship are pre-colored with a sense of caution u just can't shake. Or perhaps u were in some kind of abusive relationship. Over the time what remains are wounds that never seem to heal, woven through a story from the past that follows us into the present.
Dont be afraid.....As the chaff is gradually threshed from the wheat... It's not hard to imagine that the wheat may "feel" as if it is losing itself: as if all that it has been -- or known -- is being taken from it.Neither the chaff, nor the false self has any real life of its own, and it's only through their deliberate estrangement that the kernel of Life that lives in both can realize its highest possibility: rebirth
Life is a full circle...u can start all over anyday! 

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