Life is changing every Second.People focus too much on the future. I couldn’t have been more guilty of it myself , I too used to focus more on what’s next than on what I was experiencing in the moment.Time is the great intimidator, steadily stealing away precious seconds with no pause in the stealing. And such thievery leads us to believe that in time, the pilfering of these seconds will eventually exhaust all such seconds, leaving us at the ‘end’ of everything. Yet, God states that the seconds are actually the countdown to the ‘beginning’ everything.Minutes lay waste when seconds wait.I remember a beer commercial that said something like, “Nothing is as good as the first sip.” While I’m not a beer fan, I try to stay conscious of my first bite when hungry, my first sip when thirsty.my first second as i open my eyes to a new day.... That’s a special pleasure. Why let it go unsavored, even unnoticed?Every second that passes is another grain of sand in your hourglass that is gone, forever lost in time.Live in the moment 🙂

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Rita reveals that in her early years she was extremely self-conscious of her short stature and did not believe that she was capable of achieving anything grand. It was one of her teachers, who enco View More

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