We are only given TODAY and never promised TOMORROW. So many times we wait for the future to unfold…we push things to the next day or maybe to better times. We wait until we are READY!! No one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as READY. There is only NOW. which is as good a time as any. Don't wait until tomorrow, it may never come or may come too late. Hesitation will get you nowhere, don't just stand there…move…take action!! Every moment's a gift, here's your moment to live.

So many people never ever see the next moment…forget the next day!! So, today is the only day that exists. Days gone are part of your stored memory …those days can never come back. . All the future days haven’t occurred yet. So make today the greatest day of your life. Believe me, if you decide this in your mind, the way you experience the day will be so different. You will cherish each passing moment. All your actions, thoughts and words will be just right….coz u will not wait for the results of your deeds to show up in future, as you will experience the ripples right here…right now!!

Forgive and forget…lighten your baggage…say I love you to those for whom you really care…take charge TODAY!! Take hold of every chance, every opportunity that’s there for you…Don't wait until tomorrow 'Cos it won't wait for you.

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Rita reveals that in her early years she was extremely self-conscious of her short stature and did not believe that she was capable of achieving anything grand. It was one of her teachers, who enco View More

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