Dr Rita Gangwani ( Retd Lieut) Personality Transformation & Pageant Coach

Dr Rita Gangwani ( Retd Lieut ) is Honored by WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS for her contribution in the field Of Personality Development, Pageantry, Modeling and motivating the youth of India with Right Values. With the experience of 36 years to her credit, Founder of RIGAHAUS- Rita Gangwani’s House Of personality Transformation ( Coaching- Beauty Pageant Preparation, Modeling, Social Skills, Life Skills , Soft Skills and Personality Development ) and Author of the Best seller Pageant Book ever written by an Indian author ” THE BEAUTY PAGEANTS GREENROOM” forwarded by Former MISS UNIVERSE SUSHMITA SEN, Delhi based dynamic entrepreneur, standing 4 feet 10 inches, Rita Gangwani may have a diminutive frame but she stands tall as a very successful entrepreneur and is a much sought after Pageant Coach and Personality Development Mentor Nationally and internationally. Rita explains that her initiative entails teaching people how to lead extraordinary lives through the power of living in the moment. She educates and inspires with a perfect blend of wisdom, healing therapies, etiquette tools, training programs, razor-sharp insight and humor. Rita has been instrumental in helping countless people dramatically improve and enhance their social and business skills, performance, confidence and self-worth. She has given India Many National and International pageant winners . (See the slider above for few laurels of RIGAHAUS). Her Journey from a small town girl to a successful multifaceted trainer has inspired many.

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This is my answer to a dear students who called in the evening sharing her present condition and looking for a solution. I am writing my answer here coz a lot of people out there are going through Read More


Haven’t we all been caught in Fog sometimes?? It may just come suddenly and lift off on its own.. or it may be seasonal. When we drive through it we mostly slow down..We know that if we move Read More

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  • I met Rita mam at NBT Femina Star. She was the judge of both of my interviews. In a way she selected me. I was really nervous but the moment she started talking to me she made sure I am comfortable and she can see best of me. All those who are reading this let me tell you there are very few people in this field who are so much educated and with so much of experience and so humble. She herself was a Indian Army officer which itself makes her different and really capable.

    Himanshi Dabas,

  • I an truly blessed to have you as my mentor Mam. I have heard about you but after attending your online classes I came to know that you are made for this title – The Queen Maker. You are very humble Mam which helps us to open up in front of you….. I am so happy that I made this decision of attending your classes….. Proud be the part of your classes… Love you Mam


  • Rita ma’am is such a positive personality! I consider myself to be lucky to have got the the opportunity to attend Rita maams workshop. She not shared real value based life experiences but also covered all the other aspects necessary for pageants in a very detailed manner. I have never witnessed any mentor investing so much of their time on every student but Rita ma’am does it very effortlessly! I have not only got inspired from her sessions, i have got more than a push to believe in my dreams and continue to have the fire in my soul for progress ! Thank you Rita maam, you truly are an angel! Thank you for all your teachings, your time, positivity, constant love and blessings! I will definitely inculcate your teachings in my lifestyle and I hope to make you proud soon!

    Ritika Raghav,

  • Hatsoff to the positive aura of RitaMam. The way she carries herself with calmness & patience to explain every minute details is always appreciated. Enhancing the inner beauty with outer beauty is her teaching traits. I feel blessed to have learned through her online session .. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Its really a gaining experience for lifetime.

    Shruti Mehta,

  • Rita ma’am online classes are amazing. It is filled with so much of positivity that one can achieve anything under her continues guidence. She is very informative as well she teaches you the life lessons. Thank you so much ma’am for this session.

    Supriya Arora,

  • Gangwani Mam is such a blessing. Great personality. Awesome tutor and very friendly and beautiful. Very great personality. I am so blessed that I was able to take online classes from you Mam. Thanks for blessings and inspirational stories u tell us. As your student for online classes I am very thankful to you. And always will be thankful for such a beatuiful teacher and mentor.

    Abhinav Jain,

  • Magician’ is the word which comes first in my mind when I think of RITA GANGWANI ma’am. It’s a true magic how she can transform lives and make your life a dream come true.

    Anjali Porwal,

  • Hello!!! I have joint Rita ma’ams class… It was really full of knowledge and I enjoyed a lot in this class and I wish I can learn their again and again… Ma’am you are the most perfect you there is !. You are one of the strongest person I admire.! Ma’am you have the best smile . What all you tought me and everyone. As I want to learn more and more and after getting knowledge by you I think that I have really learnt something new in these three days… THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MA’AM FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SESSION YOU SHARED WITH US …..

    Neha Jain,

  • These sessions were just amazing and they touched my soul. I have learnt lot of positive things and I will make sure I start implementing everything what was taught by Rita maam in my life. I am so grateful, I got the chance to attend her lectures. Maam you are a sweetheart, you are so talented, humble, down to earth, confident, expressive and most important you have so much of positivity. There is lot to learn from you.

    Nayanika Jaiswal,

  • Thankyou Ma’am for all the sessions, they were so wonderful and productive. I’ve learnt alot of things which i neven even knew and your way of delivery is just amazing, one can understand so easily, those session days were dynamic, from walk , introduction, q/a, personality development, you are best mentor one could ever ask for. Thankyou for everything

    Rahul Malik,

  • Dear Ma’am, It was nothing less than a dream come true taking guidance from you who has groomed several beauty peagents. Ma’am I will forever be in debt of you for your support and guidance. Your caring attitude and unique way of making us understand things is something which will always be with me. I am greatful that you guided us and wish good health and well being for you.

    Rima Verma,

  • It has been a wonderful journey with you Rita, by being a part of the Online Tutorials for the Basic Pageantry Course conducted by you. Rita Gangwani is an Amazing person, a lady with experience, love, compassionate, full of positivity, immense energy, so humble, yet her strictness, whIch compels a person to think, how to become a better version of themselves first and then something else. She makes you feel so much a part of her, as she stands like a rock, always there, to help and guide you.She is bountiful with diverse qualities and talents, unmatched to any other person I have known.There is so much to learn from you..Rita! That time runs short. An Awesome Mentor, like her, Rita Gangwani, is a Blessing to all of us. Her beautiful centre , RIGA HAUS, is the centre of excellence and knowledge, to the world of pageants.Thanks a lot! Keep Shining! Wishing you always the best! God bless!

    Parinita Malhotra,

  • Firstly Mam I wanna say tht I feel pleasure nd myself so lucky for being a part of classes given by you. And now title which I wanna gave u in maah life is ‘Life Changer’. U r too much ground to earth, Very friendly nd main such a very gud motivater nd story teller. U inspired us with each nd every single word of urs nd from ur inspirational stories. U teach us to recognise ourselves, love ourselves and accept wht we r , do stronger our strengths by overcome our weaknesses. I wanna share my experience at the very first day m not able to count my strengths as m just counting my weaknesses bt just aftr 3rd class m started talking myself nd even counting my strengths apart of weaknesses. U r such an inspiration for us ol. I wish other’s get this opportunity too. U changed my way of seeing myself. It’s means alot for me to get ur classes. I hope one day m come to u for personal classes. At last I just wanna say Love u Mam for being here for students like us.

    Anchor Riya Gupta,

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This is my answer to a dear students who called in the evening sharing her present condition and looking for a solution. I am writing my answer here coz a lot of people out there are going through


Haven’t we all been caught in Fog sometimes?? It may just come suddenly and lift off on its own.. or it may be seasonal. When we drive through it we mostly slow down..We know that if we move


The graveyard is a place on earth,where you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were

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Rita reveals that in her early years she was extremely self-conscious of her short stature and did not believe that she was capable of achieving anything grand. It was one of her teachers, who enco View More

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