Rahul Aggarwal – Business Head at ABC Sports Pvt. Ltd.

I have attended a lecture by Lt. Rita at my college IIPM as part of etiquette training module and she was superb at her work. Learnt a lot!!



Inder Preet Singh – MD:Investment Banking Services

I am fascinated by the charm and deliverance of her training sessions. Mind boggling, every time i see her an inspiration to learn & improve more is what i get from her. Humble and gracious is what her colleagues admire in her. It has been an honor and a privileged to have such a hardworking & dedicated personnel in your friends list…..I wish her all the best &…more

Vikas Vineet – ‘Home Delivery of Happiness’ ( खुशियाँ आपके द्वार ) from Art Of Living Bangalore

As part of the Oyster mentor Network, Lt. Rita conducted some of the best workshops at various educational institutes at Delhi.Her poise, communication skills and the way she connects with the participants talks volume for the sheer passion that she has for training.Her rich experience in the field of soft skills comes handy while she is conducting workshops.


Sanjay kaushik – Chairman & major shareholder at Paramount Group India

Rita Gangwani is known to me for fairly a long time and most certainly i have seen that her company under her locus of command ,control and communication skills has added good value to our companies and has been most functional. to each step of process,,from concept to final output in her area of specialization.

I have no hesistation whatsoever in recommending rita and her winning team to any compny or organisation, as she not only illustrates Loyalty,,Intergrity and Reliability ,but has a box full of ideas and effective operational efficiency skills.

I wish Rita Gangwani every success in life


Bhavna Sharma – Executive Vice President- Consulting and Executive Education at School Of Inspired Leadership

Ex. Lt. Rita trained PwC consultants on Business etiquette and Power Dressing. Rita is a fantastic trainer but a better counselor. Her sessions are well structured and customized to the needs of the clients. Rita provides precise and valuable feedback to the participants and this is done without hurting their sentiments. It is an honour to know Rita and I wish her Good luck in her future endeveours.


Lavanian Dorairaj MD – CEO and MD, HCit Consultant

Business Communication, Soft Skills, Kinesics, NLP, Grooming, Make-Up, Power Dressing, Leadership, Positive Attitude, Networking, Inter personal skills, Stress, Anger and Ego Management, Business Etiquette, Office Etiquette, International Protocols, Inter personal skills, Dining etiquette…the list is endless. Rita is a power house that never seems to run out or dim when  it comes to achieving her goals. I’ve known her for more than 20 years now and have seen her excellence and hard work expertly draped in her sophistication and suave sheen. You want to get something done right – than she’s the person to do it – so go for it


YN Kaushal – Director, Enablers India

Ex Lt. Rita Gangwani is a dynamic and engaging Etiquette Trainer. She has helped thousands of youngsters in India and neighbouring countries to groom themselves for excellent performance at workplace and social events. Particular mention needs to be made of aspiring contestents of beauty contests.


Brig Sushil Bhasin – Life Coach, Transformational Facilitator, Educator, Trainer, Motivational Speaker. Partner Empower Activity Camps

Rita is an extraordinary woman. She is a multi talented professional with dynamic persona. Her excellent communication skills with a humane and caring approach have made her extremely popular among various segments of society. She is a clear headed, focused person who marches relentlessly towards her stretched goals – and achieves them. I wish her the very best in life.


Sarita Aggarwal – CEO-SolariseIndia “SMILE ON A CAUSE, NOT ON AN EFFECT” Nichiren Daishonin’s Philosophy. Let’s earnestly PRAY for PEACE

I had nice experience, to get services in time. She is an inspiration.


Syed Mahabubul Alam – Lead Management, Asian Expo & Conference

I feel, it would be my professional refresh to work with Rita ! I have heard so many praises!




Syed akhtar abbas – Superintendent Publication Division at Aligarh Muslim University Publication Division

Rita is a thorough professional & is in full control of her services with an eye for detail of requirements of the Hiring Company.Her sessions are well informative & of immense help to the attendees.I wish her all the very best for her present & future endeavours.


Kiran Chopra – Editor-in-Chief at Global Fashion Street

“A very sophisticated, elegant, warm and extremely talented person, Rita Gangwani is not just a trainer, she is a ‘teacher’ par excellence. I have seen her students excel in so many industry sectors that it is indeed very impressive. Also, she is very down-to-earth, very people-friendly and very helpful, in short a good human being. it is always a pleasure to be with her..  I wish her success for all the days to come


Dayawanti D’Sa – Kalos Health Facilitator, Applied Kinesiologist, Naturopath

I had recently written to Ex. Lt. Rita Gangwani regarding an etiquette problem with an associate on the internet. She gave a prompt response to the situation viewing it from all angles, social, cultural, etiquette-related, and assertiveness-based, which helped to alleviate any concerns that I had about having taken the right actions in the situation.

I am delighted to recommend her as a professional of the highest caliber, who is highly personable, an expert in her field, providing great and immediate results with high integrity..

In addition, I have known Rita for over 30 years, and truly admire her as a person of empathy, caring, and appropriateness of conduct and character. Her attention to detail, ability to see the bigger picture and personality are truly impressive.

Amit Bhandari – Team Develop (Sr. Risk Anyalst) at Bank of America

She is perfect ideal for each an every student who of the colleges/institutes. She is the best speaker and teacher I ever seen in my life. She is having a great persona which can impress anybody.
It was a great working with her and learnt alot from her. I always be thankful to her to giving me support and advices whenever I needed.


Nupur Dwivedi Pandey  – Thinker, Learner and Expressionist

I met Lt. Gangwani in a training programme and since then we have mostly been in touch through mails and facebook updates. I find her very dynamic and the best thing I like abt her is her zest for life. Not only does she comes across as a person with charm and vigor, her strength lies in inculcating the same in her clients. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.


Mandeep Kumar Aggarwal (MK) – Principal Consultant

Very Focused, Result Oriented and Idea House

DIVYA SONI – CORPORATE SALES MANAGER at Indian Health Organisation

A great person to work with.



Prerna Dhingra – Marketing /Media/Brand Communication Consultant

“Lt. Rita Gangwani is“a true professional, focused on the needs of the individuals she is coaching. “One of the most technically sound professionals, She knows her business and more specifically, the power of “Teaching…. “Something that she expertise.. “She is an experienced career consulting professional who has an ability to connect with clients and accurately address  their needs. She is easy to work with and has an impressive background in executive coaching, search and career transition, management and leadership development. She is sharp and reliable and provides her clients with exceptional results She certainly brings excellent experience as well as knowledge of new trends in the marketplace, and I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone looking to maximize their career objectives. “She is a caring, knowledgeable professional. She listens attentively and offers carefully considered advice. She has been very helpful to me, personally, in considering various business concerns. I seek and value her input.” BEST WISHES TO MAM

September 9, 2008, Prerna studied with Lieut. Rita at Himachal Pradesh University